At least 4 people were killed and about 30 others injured when the roof of a restaurant in Palma collapsed

at least Four people died and about thirty were injured After the collapse of a restaurant on the beach in Palma, it was full of customers and workers, specifically on Avinguda Cartago Street on the waterfront.

The events took place at the Medusa Beach Club facility at around 8.30pm and several of them left People trapped inside the restaurant. The outdoor balcony on the first floor, where people were dancing at the time of the accident, collapsed To the underground floor.

The first hypothesis is this The extra weight would have caused the balcony to collapseWhich at the same time made room for the floor that was in the basement where there were more victims, as explained by Palma Fire Department Chief Eder Garcia.

The authority’s spokesman explained that they did not know how many people were in the building and that the situation was “very chaotic.” This has also been detailed Most of the people served are of foreign nationality.

Six fire brigades, several national and local police patrols and twenty ambulances from SAMU 061 moved to the scene. A very touristy area in the Balearic capital.

Emergency teams rescued many people trapped under the rubble and are searching for more trapped people (Europa Press/Isaac Pugh)

At the time of the events, the place was full of customers, including many tourists, as well as workers. Many neighbors and curious people gathered around the damaged establishment, where it still stands Large police cordon.

Rescue teams They asked for silence in Spanish and English from the people gathered In the area so we can hear possible cries for help from people trapped under the rubble.

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Mayor of Palma Jaime MartinezHe traveled to the scene of the accident, along with the municipal technicians who did so First emergency assessment of the building condition. Psychologists from the Official College of Psychology of the Balearic Islands were also activated.

Prime Minister of the Balearic Islands, Marja BruhensHe was “shocked” by the events and expressed in a tweet to “X” his solidarity with the families of the dead and wounded, some of whom were in serious condition.

Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, It was explained to X He contacted the local and independent authorities to offer them the cooperation of the Spanish executive “by all necessary means and influence.”

The Popular Party and the Socialist Socialist Workers’ Party have suspended election campaign activities For the European elections scheduled for Friday as a sign of mourning.

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