Ancient Minerals for a 100% Environmental Line

Ancient Minerals for a 100% Environmental Line

for him mineral The brand decided to be inspired by a unique color palette obtained through a series of ancient minerals in a natural dyeing process which, moreover, has minimal environmental impact.

Image by Vollebak

London brand Vollebak is known for his innovative projects. And that’s true whether it’s sportswear designed to aid the wearer’s sympathetic nervous system, the “Mars jacket” with anti-gravity pockets or the “100 Year Collection,” made up of nearly indestructible pieces made to withstand a century of wear and tear. As Vollebak’s tagline says, these are the clothes from the future.

new projectHowever, Steve and Nick Tidball, the twin brothers who founded the label, see Dig into the past for ancient materials To promote the brand’s latest collection, which was unveiled recently. Worthy Minerals include clothing that gets its unique colors from a range of natural mineral pigments Dating back to prehistoric times, these are celadonite, hematite, ocher, and volcanic soils.

Prehistoric Project

Metallic sweatshirt.
Image by Vollebak

Compared to some of Vollebak’s complex engineering designs, The Mineral group is distinguished by its relative ease. In fact, each garment is simply left to rest in a bath of each mineral, leaving the only by-products to be natural sediment and water.

Both are different Minerals have a rich natural history and cultural. Blood-red hematite, for example, is the main source of all iron on Earth, celadonite forms when lava and seawater meet, while ocher is the oldest pigment in the world. Many were used by prehistoric man to create cave drawings and paintings. Suffice it to say that in 2011, a 73,000-year-old abstract painting was discovered in South Africa, painted in pastel colors and considered the first pictorial work in human history.

As Vollebak continues to search for new, low-impact ways to dye clothes, we turned to Neanderthal coloring tools for the “Metallic” collection using minerals, rocks, and earth. Minerals, for example, not only tell the story of life on Earth, but also the story of colour. And while we might think of prehistoric humans clad in dark fur and even darker caves, their actual color palette doesn’t look entirely out of place on the streets of Los Angeles or Stockholm.

says Steve Tidball, CEO and Co-Founder.

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Of the metals used in dyeing.
Image by Vollebak

Colorsaccurately displayed, Bestow on every dressfrom sweatshirts to sweatpants and t-shirts made from hemp and cotton blends, A sense of comfort in living. While the dresses are made in Portugal, The minerals come from the Italian region between Venice and Veronawhere the Apuan Alps and the so-called “Marble Mountains” are located next to the carbonate sedimentary rocks of the Dolomites.

To create the new group, The ores were mined to be processed in a bath where the clothes were left to soak. In this way, the company, while always striving for continuous innovation, has ensured its clothing has a look that is both natural and timeless, closely connected to the earth.

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