Alfa Romeo: plans until 2026

Alfa Romeo: plans until 2026

Stelvio Electrica in 2025 – Waiting for the compact crossover to be introduced Alfa Romeo Milanexpected in April, its manufacturer has informed Plan ahead In the medium term. Two new features will arrive alongside the Milano and Tonale: the SUV Stelvio (In the second part of 2025) and the sedan Julia (In the 2026). It will be produced in the province of Frosinone: the Cassino plant will be the only one in Europe producing cars based on the latest platform A large basket From the Stellantis range, which was created to accommodate electric motors, but also internal combustion engines. Two new Alfa Romeo cars Must be battery operated onlyBut the final decision will not be made until later. This will depend on regulatory choices (for example, the precise definition of the future Euro 7 regulation on harmful emissions and the date of its application), and also on additional taxes on gasoline models in individual markets.

> In the sketches above and below, we've reconstructed the look of the new Milano, the small crossover that will debut in April and be in dealerships in September 2024.

Sports, without a shadow of a doubt – Definitely respecting the past of the house and the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio And Julia They will boast an aggressive, streamlined style and top-notch technical characteristics. The modularity of the new platform makes it possible to obtain the proportions required by sports cars, in terms of the length of the hood, the ratio between the wheelbase and the overhangs, height and minimum distance from the ground. the Driving quality For which the current Giulia and Stelvio are known, it should indeed be replicated and improved thanks to a suspension system with an advanced design (let's assume the classic “high” quadrilateral shape at the front and multi-link at the rear); Moreover, the Active roll control (a device similar to the Ferrari Borosang, with electric actuators that absorb shocks by changing the height of the wheels relative to the body in real time) and active safety terrain detection (to maximize stability based on the vehicle's terrain). As for performanceThe company talks about less than 3 seconds in “0-100” for the most powerful versions (4×4, with one engine in the front and one in the rear), while 800 volt technology will be used in Speed ​​up charging: The cars will accept up to 270 kW from ultra-fast charging stations and battery capacity can range from 85 to 118 kWh; In the latter case, the autonomy must exceed 700 km.

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Electronics is evolving – LamAlfa Romeo Stelvio It will be the first model of the Stellantis range with (internally developed) systems STLA Brain and the STLA SmartCockpit (which would later also be adopted in the Giulia). The first term defines the new electronic architecture, which allows functions and services to be created and updated through over-the-air updates, without waiting for new hardware to be introduced or having to go to a dealer. the Smart cockpitHowever, it reinterprets the classic “telescopic” dashboard in a new way; The screen will have graphics aimed at facilitating consultation rather than adding a lot of information of marginal importance, while the infotainment system will adopt a curved screen; Commands can also be issued through the look or gestures of the driver and passengers. Among other electronic devices, in addition to various driving aids, there will be those included in the package Extended vision: Head-up display, night vision (a system that warns at night via an infrared camera of the presence of people or animals on the road before they are illuminated by headlights) and a digital interior rear-view mirror.

> Pictured above is the 33 Stradale, the limited-series supercar that returns the Alfa Romeo name to the Olympus of supercars.

33 Ready (or almost) The route is therefore set until 2026, and there will be another important date in addition to the previously mentioned: the first prototype of the supercar will be delivered in mid-December 2024. Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, introduced last summer, is the subject of the latest tests and represents a pioneering milestone for the Milan company. from… 33 cars Of which will be produced (all of them have already been purchased), three of them will be electric and the other thirty will be powered by a twin-turbo 3.0 V6 engine. Moreover, what is there In the future of Alfa Romeo? The House leaders leave room for more hypotheses. A larger Giulia or compact car could play a role, and coupes or Spiders could be derived. But the variables, in a sector undergoing strong and rapid transformation, are too many to pinpoint now.

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