Al-Shrubini travels to Spain and Juventus does not give up Morata | first page

Al-Shrubini travels to Spain and Juventus does not give up Morata |  first page

There will be many reasons for Federico Cherubini to travel to Spain. Barcelona suggested Clement Lenglet, for example. This is where Angel Di Maria (and Nahuel Molina) Argentina was still located. There will be plots and there is a lot, so. But the reason that convinced Juventus ds to turn to Spain is one, at least at this point: Alvaro Morata. always it is. Yes, because in this market of a thousand priority between buy and sell, while Vice Vlahovic is selected with various Giovanni Simeone, Arik Milik and Marko Arnautovic to see their prices go up and down, Morata himself remains the first choice of Allegri when it comes to a player capable of supporting Dusan and sacrificing himself by his side. . So Juventus returned on a mission, to resume contacts (which were not actually broken) with Atletico Madrid and to understand how to try to find a solution that satisfies everyone. the situation The first point, Juventus dropped the redemption option for 35 million And he made him known in unexpected times for Atlético. Secondly, Atletico rejected the offer of 15 million plus bonus from Juventus for the sender. Who is now starting to ship again, also thanks to a market that was stagnant around Alvaro: Arsenal turns to other targets (see Gabriel Jesus) and without the heroes, the idea of ​​returning to London never digested convinces Morata less and less, Barcelona He does not forget it but is now focusing all his efforts on making way for Robert Lewandowski. Then Juventus will try again, even knowing that their conditions will not change or will change a little, perhaps suggesting counterparts whom Allegri considers redundant. While Atletico on his part, even knowing that they have to come down from 35 million bids, by his account knows that he cannot accept offers below the threshold of 25-27 million.. So get to work, the game is still open for Morata, a new round is now being played in Spain.

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