240W USB C USB C Cable for any product: 2pcs and 3pcs discount

240W USB C USB C Cable for any product: 2pcs and 3pcs discount

Why don’t you need fast and safe shipping of any product you have at home when you have it at your fingertips? To get it you need to USB C USB C Cable But not just any model. This product from INIU is of high quality, up to 240 watts It has no limits.

You will find some in the package Its length reaches 2 meters Each for maximum comfort. Join your journey and enjoy not one, not two, but three discounts. Open page on Amazon, Check the coupon and use the code to pay “99RIUKCE” To make it yours alone 10.70 euros.

Shipping is absolutely free and fast throughout Italy with Prime services activated on your account.

USB C USB C cable with maximum potential: all the features

INIU USB C USB C Cable is great. With a length of 2 meters, it allows you to have freedom of movement because I know that when you are in bed and your phone is charging, you are doing acrobatics every time you have to turn! But back to us, this little gem has everything you need.

USB C cable

Access to i 240 watts You can use it on any product, thus also to charge laptops and laptops apple Which Samsung. Don’t worry, because the power used is automatically adjusted so you can protect your devices’ batteries without overloading and damaging them.

Fully encapsulated in nylon It is durable and strong. Connectors are reinforced so they won’t break and last a lifetime.

As I told you, you can find some in the package 2 pieces Which share the exact characteristics of having a spare or using it as needed.

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USB C cable

Don’t waste even one more second Contact Amazon immediately Where you can buy INIU USB C USB C cable for only 10.70 euros With triple discount. Use the code “99RIUKCE” To pay.

Shipping is fast and free throughout Italy with Prime services.

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