Accidentally In (Kevin) Love

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Word is, too, that Larry Brown lurks on the horizon. I very much hope that this never becomes enough of a reality that I’ll have to explain why its a nightmarishly bad idea. And does anyone else get the nagging feeling that flirting with all of these Living Legends of Coaching seems to make the team somehow less credible? Doesn’t it kind of feel like the Wolves are trying a little too hard to look cool? 

As for my analysis on the situation, I’ll defer to commenter Biggity2bit who hopes that the Wolves “make Adelman a contract offer today, and if he pauses when looking at it that Kahn or Glen lean over and add an extra ‘zero’ to the end of the number and give it back to Adelman.”

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I had an idea tonight, and this is based off of exactly zero intel from any of the small number of sources I have, this is just me spitting blanks, essentially. But I wondered why Adelman would interview for this gig, when he has said in the past month that he wants to try his hand at GM. Not like Adelman can’t take the year off. Why would he be interested in working under Kahn in a capacity he’s trying to move away from?

(Side note: I blame Pat Riley for this. Everyone saw the cushy life Riley has had since he moved to the Prez box only and now they want the life, too. Go travel a bit, watch some college ball, shake some hands, get all the credit, very little of the blame, no constant travel, it’s a big win-win. Riley’s far from the first to do it, he’s just the first to do it with that smug look on his face. “Oh, you’re tired, you say? My good man, you simply MUST come aboard the yacht this weekend? Oh, you have a game? Pity.” )

Then I looked at the rest of the candidates. Bickerstaff, who has worked in basketball ops extensively. Larry Brown, who’s used to running his own show. Even Mike Woodson had a lot of influence in Atlanta due to the nebulous nature of the ownership situation and the transition in the GM’s office. Don Nelson, ran his own show in Golden State, and had Mullin ousted when they disagreed.

Are they interviewing guys to be some sort of weird, reverse Kahn to Kahn’s Walsh in Indiana? Is Taylor prepping for the future when he fires Kahn? Is it possible the reign of madness could be at its end (even if the end means Nelson or Brown in charge)? None of the candidates outside of Porter has really operated without personnel oversight. So if that’s the case, there’s a chance that someone with actual knowledge and ability to succeed could be hired. If that’s the case, there’s a chance this could work.

If that could happen, it’s also possible Rubio really does work out. It’s possible he is the immediate impact player, even if not an immediate All-Star or world-bringer, they need. If that’s the case, they’d have Rubio, Derrick Williams, who they accidentally got when they couldn’t secure a trade, and Kevin Love, who they accidentally had to start giving minutes to because they couldn’t hold him down any more. That’s a great 1-3-4 combination. With the right coach, it could accidentally work.

This has happened before. In fact, the longer Kahn’s around, the more likely it is that he enjoys some stretch of success, real or imagined. Consider that Mitch Kupchak was considered terrible in 2006. Dwyer had these three guys just above Isiah. ISIAH. Kupchak, Ainge, Otis Smith. That’s six Finals appearances between the three of them in the past four seasons. Only Otis managed to rise to the top of those rankings without some form of luck in either a former member of the franchise or Michael Heisley, the real definition of Manna from Heaven.

You could see this happening, couldn’t you? A decent coach comes along, drags out 35 wins next year, shows development, convinces Kahn to start drafting and signing well, dumps off some of the waste, makes a few more moves, makes it over .500 in 2012-2013, asserts some more control, Rubio comes into his own, Williams explodes in his third year, and bam, you’ve got yourself a playoff team with a young core.

Or they could hire Don Nelson. You know. Either way.

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