Statistical Anomaly: Rockets @ Grizzlies

Statistical Anomaly is a series where we explore all the mathematical nuances you may not have noticed watching the game the first time. Today, Kyle waxes Euclidian on the Grizzlies “not as close as the final score indicates” win over… Continue Reading

Grizzlies Beat the Heat on a Rudy Gay Buzzer Beater

I’ve been trying to convince myself that the Memphis Grizzlies are much better than their record shows. They’ve really only had one bad loss on the season (at Washington), and the rest of their nine losses, minus one against Phoenix,… Continue Reading

Get It? He Calls It A “Bear Trap Game” And They Played The Grizzlies! It’s A “Pun” Or “Play On Words,” You See.

In overtime, the Marc Gasol hit a 7-footer, Zach Randolph hit two free throws and a tough 17-footer, and then Lionel Hollins attacked Shaq on his last two possessions. First, he used Gasol to back-screen Delonte, and Shaq didn’t get… Continue Reading

Warning: Allen Iverson May Be Cancerous To Your Entire God-Forsaken Franchise

And it won’t be because Allen Iverson had even the resemblance of a positive impact on this team. Maybe now Mr. Heisley will accept the reality that he has a smart coach, an intelligent GM and let those men do… Continue Reading