Saving the Skyhook Podcast #7

The usual crew wasn't able to make it last night, so I scrounged up some special guests to join the show. With me last night were Sean Highkin (@highkin) of USA Today and Eric Buenning (@ericbuenning)


NBA Power Rankings Part Two

If you missed Part One of the Saving the Skyhook Post All-Star Break Power Rankings, you can check out it here. Let’s get to Part Two!

19: New Orleans Pelicans
All Star Weekend was in New Orleans this


BUCKS WIN! BUCKS WIN!: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/4/14

Wooooooooooo! The Milwaukee Bucks won a basketball game last night! No, I'm serious. Why would I be joking about that? They played the Knicks and Nate Wolters started and Giannis dropped 15 points with


The Wizards Troll The Trail Blazers On Twitter After Victory


Back on December 4th when the Portland Trail Blazers were taking the NBA world by storm with the best record in the league, they sent out a little something on Twitter that set the basketball blogosphere world on fire: Is it too late to join the Eastern Conference? Asking for a friend.