Top 50 NBA Players: Toughest Omissions

[caption id="attachment_3901" align="alignright" width="210"] Apr. 4, 2011; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trail Blazers small forward Nicolas Batum (88) dunks the ball on New Jersey Nets guard MarShon Brooks


Around the Net: September 27, 2011

Hello fans of Saving the Skyhook (Skyhookers? STSers? Neither are very flattering, so let’s just stick with fans).

I’m Ian Segovia. Formerly, I blogged at the ESPN TrueHoop Network site, Bucksketball. Currently, I still blog at Bucksketball, but now I have taken editing duties here.

The beginning of my reign is going to start off very underwhelming. Between a job interview and seeing a friend of mine off before he goes to boot camp, all I have to offer today are links. But rest assured things are going to get really funky and weird around here in the future. Continue Reading


NBA 2k14 – Dynasty Mode

 A little more than halfway through this season, while waiting for the heavyweight night to kick off (the LA Lakers throw down with their nemesis the San Antonio Spurs, and the Miami Heat powers into


NBA Game Rankings: 12/28/10

Things just keep getting worse for the Sacramento Kings, as last night they had a chance to knock off the Clippers and win for the first time in a long time. But, that didn’t happen, as the Clippers came out with a 100-99 victory. Tyreke Evans had a chance to hit a game-tying free throw…..and then had another chance at the buzzer with a quick shot inside the point. Neither shot went in, and the struggles continue for the Kings. On the other hand, the Clippers are starting to play some very good basketball, and this is a team that is certainly on the upswing right now. Continue Reading


NBA Game Rankings: 11/25/10

Oct 19, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon (10) drives to the basket against the Sacramento Kings at the Staples Center. Photo via Newscom

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After a few quarters of last night’s games, there were some scores that really caught me off-guard. Minnesota was up big on San Antonio and the Suns were drilling the Bulls. However, we should have known what would eventually happen, as both the Spurs and Bulls came back to win. Continue Reading


Will the Kings Trade for a Point Guard?

Before the season started, I honestly believed that the Sacramento Kings could make a push to get the final playoff spot in the West. Perhaps it was optimism for the new frontcourt that they created in the off-season by drafting DeMarcus Cousins and bringing in Samuel Dalembert. Perhaps it was the expectation of Tyreke Evans completely dominating defenses in his second year in the league. Continue Reading


NBA Game Rankings: 11/21/10

Oct 19, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guards Beno Udrih (19), left, and Tyreke Evans (13) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Kings defeated the Clippers 96-94. Photo via Newscom

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There’s only four games on the schedule for tonight, and it’ll be hard to top what turned out to be a fantastic night of games last night. You had Rudy Gay‘s buzzer beater. You had Blake Griffin scoring 44. And you had Stephen Jackson recording the first triple-double in Bobcats’ history. It was quite a night in the Association, and we’ll see if any of these games can bring us that same kind of entertainment. Continue Reading


Making a case for an ROY not named Tyreke

What's in store for Stephen Curry later on in the NBA?

Almost all NBA experts and fans have resigned themselves to the fact that the Sacramento Kings point guard Tyreke Evans will be crowned this season’s Rookie of the Year. The truth is, they’re probably right in their predictions. That said, amid outstanding performances from players like Brandon Jennings, Marcus Thornton, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, and DeJuan Blair, is it fair to write everyone else off right off the bat?

The truth is, in place of Evans, I wouldn’t name any of the aforementioned players the ROY award. Instead, it would go to Stephen Curry.

Get this straight, though: Looking at the statistics of the two players over the course of the entire season, Evans has put up a more productive campaign than Curry. He’s scoring three more points per game and outdistances Curry by about two-and-a-half points in PER. But the Davidson alumnus’s marks are nothing to scoff at.

He’s scoring 17 a game and adding 6 assists, 4 boards, and 2 steals. In addition, his shooting percentages are fantastic: 46 percent from the floor, an alarming 43 percent from long range, and 88 percent from the charity stripe. Those numbers, if not for a minutes minimum, would have garnered Curry a spot on John Hollinger’s Greatest Shooters Ever list. That’s pretty amazing.

But everyone knew Curry could shoot coming into the league. He lit up the scoreboard from any distance in college. Where he has really shined is in his ability to make good passes and lead an offense. No one was really sure whether he had the distribution skills to play the 1, and he lacks the size to effectively play the 2, so he has helped himself in that way.

Since the beginning of February, Curry has nine double-doubles, including one triple-double. Over that span, he’s averaging over 7.7 assists to go along with just over 21 points. His second-half play has led David Thorpe to suggest that Curry could be the next Steve Nash in his NBA Rookie Watch.

To recap, Stephen Curry has shown signs of being a top-10 shooter of all-time and comparing to Steve Nash, one of the finest point guards in NBA history, according to two of the NBA’s leading experts. That’s quite a résumé already.

Sure, he doesn’t play defense, but how can you really expect him to on the Golden State Warriors. Maybe with a new owner and coach he will develop some skill on that side of the ball.

As for Evans, he’s playing the point-guard position, but should he be? He succumbs to what Hollinger calls tunnel vision — he drives to the hole, looking for an assist as only an absolute last resort. He is a prolific scorer, but to take his name to the next level, he needs to learn to find his teammates for easy shots, else he risks drawing routine double teams and alienating his peers to the point where it becomes an issue in the locker room. Curry is already a step ahead of him in that respect.

But to solve this debate requires a specific definition with respect to the Rookie of the Year award. Is it given to the player who shows the most promise, or is it given to the player who has the most effective rookie season? The answer is the latter, or at least it should be (Derrick Rose edged Brook Lopez for the prize last year undeservedly, but that’s another story). Accordingly, the winner of the award should be Evans. He undoubtedly put up the better numbers over the course of the entire season.

Regardless, it will be fun to watch these two guys develop, and I’m sure losing out on the award won’t discourage Curry from playing to the best of his ability in the years to come. It’s just too bad we won’t see either of these guys in the playoffs this season; watching Rose nearly upset the heavily favored Celtics in a number of multiple-overtime games was incredibly exciting. Alas, their teams are both lottery bound in May.

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