Top 50 NBA Players: Toughest Omissions

Over the next fifty days you can find my rankings of the Top 50 players currently in the NBA right here at Saving the Skyhook. This might seem like it’s a whole lot to read, and admittedly it is, but… Continue Reading

NBA 2k14 – Dynasty Mode

 A little more than halfway through this season, while waiting for the heavyweight night to kick off (the LA Lakers throw down with their nemesis the San Antonio Spurs, and the Miami Heat powers into a showdown against Dwight Howard… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 12/28/10

Things just keep getting worse for the Sacramento Kings, as last night they had a chance to knock off the Clippers and win for the first time in a long time. But, that didn’t happen, as the Clippers came out… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/25/10

After a few quarters of last night’s games, there were some scores that really caught me off-guard. Minnesota was up big on San Antonio and the Suns were drilling the Bulls. However, we should have known what would eventually happen,… Continue Reading

Will the Kings Trade for a Point Guard?

Before the season started, I honestly believed that the Sacramento Kings could make a push to get the final playoff spot in the West. Perhaps it was optimism for the new frontcourt that they created in the off-season by drafting… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/21/10

There’s only four games on the schedule for tonight, and it’ll be hard to top what turned out to be a fantastic night of games last night. You had Rudy Gay‘s buzzer beater. You had Blake Griffin scoring 44. And… Continue Reading