Chicago Bulls–Philadelphia 76ers: Analyzing Game 1, Predicting Game 2

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The lights came on and the stage was set as Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls mounted the floor in preparation



What a series, huh?

This years remarkable NBA Finals capped off with a remarkable Game 6, one watched by 23.5 million people, producing ABC’s best non-Oscar sunday in five years (and the most watched game 6 since Jordan beat the Jazz in 1998.

Now that the season is done, we’ve got plenty of time to get into intricate detail on how this year’s series stacks up against the greats. We’ve also got a lot of cool things a’brewing here at Saving the Skyhook for the offseason, including a live blog during the NBA Draft, but for now, I’d like to offer up some love for the first time NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks.

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NBA Game Rankings: 12/14/10

While they may not have even reached their potential yet, the Chicago Bulls have looked very, very good lately. The defensive mastermind that is Tom Thibodeau has got this team heading in the right direction, but it hasn’t just been about defense. It’s also been about Derrick Rose, who could be easily be in the discussion for early-season MVP. Rose just handles the ball in such an confident way that he can pretty much take over a game any time he wants, and that bodes well for this Chicago team that has to compete against the likes of the Celtics, Heat, and Magic if they want to reach the NBA Finals. Continue Reading


NBA Today: May 26

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