Goran Dragic: All-NBA First Team Candidate

via flickr | Mo Riza

It wasn’t long ago that Goran Dragic was considered expendable. Jeff Hornacek made his intention to employ a two point guard backcourt of Dragic and summer trade prize Eric Bledsoe well-known before the season, but most league followers deemed that decision wildly optimistic and even outright naive.
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GM Survey: Curry and Durant as Shooting Guards?

via flickr | Keith Allison

Necessary disclaimer: the positionless revolution is real.

Traditional basketball nomenclature is almost wholly obsolete in the modern game, having been replaced by nonexclusive labels like small, big, primary ballhandler, wing, post, guard and forward. But different teams have different personnel and utilize different systems; the NBA has yet to reach a consensus on blanket definitions to best describe a player’s role and responsibilities, and it likely never will. Skill-sets of the league’s 30 rosters will always vary enough to keep us from finding new, concrete positional classifications, even as the strategic reliance on finding and preventing three-point and rim attempts continues to mushroom. Continue Reading