Tremendous Tandems: Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook Aim To Make A Baker’s Dozen

Through 52 games the prodigious pair of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have scored 2,711 points this NBA season, a shade more than half of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s entire point total. Both lead not only at their position in… Continue Reading


Welcome to Saving the Skyhook, my new blog about all the important news in the NBA. What you’ll find here Ideally, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the biggest issues the league’s facing on a daily basis. In many cases,… Continue Reading

Shaq Is Still Bad For Your Team Defense, Just In Really Interesting Ways

However, Shaq’s inability to step out on the pick-and-roll, among other factors, has caused the Cavs to regress in how well they’ve defended the mid-range shot. Last season, the Cavaliers were better than the league average at defending shots from… Continue Reading