Taking My Talents….Home!

  The Miami Heat’s failure to capitalize on its first shot at an NBA Championship, with their “Big 3,” in place, will undoubtedly go down as one of the biggest disappointments in Sports History.  It’s not the fact that a… Continue Reading

Will the Kings Trade for a Point Guard?

Before the season started, I honestly believed that the Sacramento Kings could make a push to get the final playoff spot in the West. Perhaps it was optimism for the new frontcourt that they created in the off-season by drafting… Continue Reading

NBA Trade Deadline: Amar’e Is In Full Power Broker Mode

The Suns are still in active trade talks for Amare, with discussions initiated by both the Suns and other teams. The latest is that the Suns have talked to the Philadelphia 76ers about a swap of Stoudemire plus filler for… Continue Reading

NBA Trade Deadline: Iggy Go Quickly?

Foiled in its longstanding attempts to move Samuel Dalembert and/or Elton Brand, Philly has apparently come to realize that its best shot at a shake-it-up move is convincing one of the risk-taking/big-spending teams out there – such Houston, Dallas and… Continue Reading