NBA Playoffs Suns Blazers Game 2: You Can’t Tell A Heart The Suns Play Defense. Unless That Heart Belongs to Rudy Fernandez.

I know the script says that Phoenix doesn’t play defense and they can’t get a stop. And I know that the Blazers are without their number one option on offense, their number three option on offense, and their young long… Continue Reading

File>New>New File>New File Name: The LaMarcus Aldridge Exodus- Prologue

2. Greg Oden needs to assume LaMarcus’ traditional role as the guy who gets established offensively early in games and quarters. Oden is a bona fide low post presence who can pass. He gives us a different wrinkle than anybody… Continue Reading

There’s A Red And Black Storm On The Horizon

His confidence soaring, Oden returned to the locker room after the game — and an NBATV interview — to joke on camera that his Ohio State Buckeyes would “smash” either the Beavers or the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. He… Continue Reading