The State of the Pistons: A Discussion

I’m not a Detroit Pistons fan. I admit that. But, I am a fan of good ol’ fashioned basketball tradition. And if we’re gonna talk about basketball tradition, we have to talk about the Pistons. Detroit has won three NBA… Continue Reading

Expectation Series: Part 1 (Most Disappointing Teams)

Over the next four days, I’ll be writing on what I call my Expectation Series — a four-part set of rankings for the following: most disappointing teams, most surprising teams, most disappointing players, and most surprising players. The playoffs are arriving,… Continue Reading

BlockClocked 12.9.09: A New Kid On The Block

For the introduction to BlockClocked, click here. BlockClocked tracks which players are getting their stuff sent away, out of here, gotten gone, rejected, denied, and heretofore blocked. We track both total attempts blocked and blocked percentage. All data courtesy of… Continue Reading