And We Bid You Goodnight: The good, The bad, and the Dirk

Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

The 2015-16 season started off on a bad note with Emojigate, but the Mavs moved on and made things better until ruining things at the end. Continue Reading


The 15-Footer 11/18/2015: Is tonight the night for the Sixers?


The 0-11 Philadelphia 76ers host the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday. If they don’t win, a six-game road trip awaits where they could tie an NBA record. Continue Reading

Saving the Skyhook Podcast #8

Last night myself and staff writer Sam Kuperman ran the two man game for Saving the Skyhook Podcast #8. We kicked off the show discussing the Raymond Felton drama, then moved on to potential destinations for buyout candidates such as… Continue Reading