Lion Face, Lemon Face: The Warriors clinch the No. 1 seed

Lion Face Lemon Face

The Warriors cliched the top seed, the Wolves young core made big plays and more from last night’s NBA action. Continue Reading


Lion Face, Lemon Face: Playoff LeBron is Coming


LeBron James is ready for takeoff, the Lakers are a mess, and a recap of the rest of the weekend in the NBA. Continue Reading


15-Footer 3/28/2016: The who’s crossing over who edition

15 footer

It’s the 15-footer: Who’s Crossing Over Who Edition. Crossovers are the uniting force of basketball, where handles meet hand down man down. EXPOSE HIM! Continue Reading


15-Footer 3/21/2016: Leave Me Alone, Glenn Edition


Tonight’s games paired with nine arguments to help you shake off the March Madness Truthers. The 15 Footer: Leave Me Alone, Glenn Edition. Continue Reading