All Terrence Ross Everything: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/1/14

There were other players who scored more points and made more important baskets last night, but nothing was as impressive as Terrence Ross cramming on Kenneth Faried. First, we need to take a look at


San Antonio Spurs–Utah Jazz: Spurs Give Jazz Rude Awakening in Game 1

Playoff basketball and regular season basketball are two entirely different beasts. That is a lesson the Utah Jazz had to learn the hard way in The Alamo State on Sunday. The San Antonio Spurs welcomed


Utah Jazz: Anatomy of a Collapse

Do you remember when the Utah Jazz staged that crazy comeback in Miami? It was a great game wherein they battled from 22 points down to force an unlikely overtime and eventually pull out a win behind 46 from Paul Millsap? Remember when they did it basically again one night later in Orlando?

Remember how the Jazz were sitting atop the Northwest Division in early December? They were 15-5 and looked to be very capable to keep the Thunder and Nuggets at bay. Remember how people were saying that you can’t count out of the Jazz as long as they were armed with their never-say-die coach Jerry Sloan and superstar point guard Deron Williams?

Flash forward to last night, with the Jazz losing in overtime to a lowly Washington Wizards team, possibly their last win of the season. Since December 1st, they’ve lost 34 games, their franchise point guard, their Hall of Fame coach, and their identity.

So… how did that happen?

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