Poll: What’s Wrong With the Lakers?

In what will become a Tuesday staple here on Saving the Skyhook, we will pick a topic and then let you give your opinion on it. Simple enough, right? The hottest topic in the league right now is undoubtedly the… Continue Reading

NBA Roundtable: Carmelo, First Coach Fired, and Early Season MVP

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of the NBA Roundtable here on STS! You can check out last week’s edition for all the info on the roundtable, but we’ve got plenty to discuss this week, so let’s get right… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 12/15/10

We finally got to see Andrew Bynum for the first time this season last night against the Wizards, and well, it wasn’t much more than we expected. Bynum didn’t play many minutes in the Lakers’ 103-89 win over Washington, however,… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/22/10

The game that was ranked number one on yesterday’s NBA schedule ended up being the most lopsided of the bunch. The Lakers, behind Pau Gasol‘s perfection, blew out the Warriors at Staples Center, and once again proved why they are… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/21/10

There’s only four games on the schedule for tonight, and it’ll be hard to top what turned out to be a fantastic night of games last night. You had Rudy Gay‘s buzzer beater. You had Blake Griffin scoring 44. And… Continue Reading