The San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks: Life, The Universe And Everything

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The Mavericks and Spurs have met in the playoffs six times over the past fifteen years. Duncan, Nowitzki, Ginobili, Popovich and Parker are constants but the rest of the cast has changed, a dozen times over. But there is something about both teams and this matchup in particular that feels timeless and indelible, vivid memories on an eternal loop. The names and faces have changed, but the basketball hasn't.


Tim Duncan and Patty Mills Shake on Job Well Done (Video)

Last night the Spurs went into Indiana and embarrassed the Pacers, leading to boos raining down on the home team.

With a few minutes remaining, and the bench closing things out, Tim Duncan and Patty Mills–chilling on the bench–shared a business like handshake.

It was pretty funny to see this exaggeratedly formal celebration from two future Hall of Famers.


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