RTOE: ProBasketballDraft bridges the NCAA tourney to the NBA lottery (Part 1)

A very special RTOE for you all today. I recruited the help of the guys at ProBasketballDraft.com to help make sense of some of the choices this year’s lottery teams will have to make from the pool of NCAA talent.… Continue Reading

The Tragic Flaw Of Grantland’s Wire Bracket

“Much of our modern theater seems rooted in the Shakespearean discovery of the modern mind. [The Wire is] stealing instead from an earlier, less-traveled construct—the Greeks—lifting our thematic stance wholesale from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides to create doomed and fated protagonists… Continue Reading

Bulls vs Celtics: Playoff Outlook

Image by ARM Climate Research Facility via Flickr

Who’s ready for the playoffs? I’m sure most fans are, and if you are like me, then the playoffs couldn’t start fast enough. I hate this time of year in the NBA. The last three weeks of the season are… Continue Reading

March Madness And The Debate Of Quality Versus Entertainment

Well, then. Since Andrew Sharp of SBNation.com, whose work I genuinely enjoy, decided to pistol whip me, drag me out into the street, and execute me like the dog I am, I suppose I’d better respond. Here are a few… Continue Reading