The Dilemma of Dealing Iguodala

It has been reported in recent days that the Philadelphia 76ers are actively shopping swingman Andre Iguodala; a plethora of different rumors have provided a variety of possible destinations for Iguodala, including: L.A (Clippers), Golden State and Minnesota.

For those who follow the league, rumors regarding a possible trade of Andre Iguodala are nothing new; due to the size of this contract—$13.5 million next season, $ 14.7 the following season and a player option for $15.9 in the final season—it is widely held that the Sixers are looking to move him in order to save some cash and help facilitate the growth of their young team; but obviously, they are looking for a little more than a salary dump, which, given the fragile nature of team chemistry, could prove to be a difficult task. Continue Reading


Carmelo Anthony Trade Update

In case you haven’t heard, Carmelo Anthony is being talked about in some trade discussions. So I thought we’d take a look at where things supposedly stand right now…..although I’m fairly certain that by the time I’m finished writing this, eight more teams will be involved, and Carmelo will somehow end up with the New Mexico Thunderbirds.

For starters, what exactly are we waiting on? Well, it sounds like the fun contract of Al Harrington (four years, $28 million) is what is the main problem right now. Continue Reading