NBA Power Rankings: 2/14/11

We had two showdown games in the NBA yesterday (not counting Cavs/Wizards), and well, one of them lived up to the hype. The Boston Celtics held off the Miami Heat after a missed three by Mike Miller was off the mark. Oh, and LeBron James might have missed an important free throw in there somewhere.

As for the other game, the Orlando Magic were great defensively in a 89-75 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. Like most have said, the Lakers looked tired, and the Magic just took it to them in the second half.

You can bet that some of yesterday’s games had an impact in our power rankings this week, so let’s get right to them! Continue Reading


NBA Power Rankings: 2/7/11

When I opened up TweetDeck yesterday and saw everyone talking about the “big game“, I’ll admit that it was a little surprising. After all, I had no idea that the Indiana Pacers/New Jersey Nets game would capture so many people’s attention. OK, I kid.

But now that the Super Bowl is officially in the books, the NBA takes center stage, and as we start to hit the stretch run of the season, there are some teams that are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Therefore, it’s time once again for STS’s super duper mega awesome power rankings. Or something like that.

We’ve got the whole crew assembled this week, and we’ve got our list ready. Our opinions differ on several spots, but hey, if we had the same list from top to bottom, that would be rather boring wouldn’t it? Continue Reading


NBA Power Rankings: 1/10/11

Basketball fans, it’s time for another edition of power rankings here on STS, and after a great week of action in the NBA (which concluded with a possible game of the year candidate in Portland last night), it’s time to see where the teams stand heading into this week.

So without any further ado, here’s a look at the rankings: Continue Reading


NBA Power Rankings: 12/6/10

San Antonio Spurs

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Another great week of NBA action is upon us, but before it gets started, let’s first take a look at our NBA Power Rankings for this week. Not many surprises in this set of rankings, although a few teams have certainly improved their stocks (Knicks and Mavs), while others have struggled mightily recently (Kings and Clippers).

But without any further ado, let’s get right to the rankings: Continue Reading


Poll: Where Does Kobe Rank Right Now Among the All-Time Greats?

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant watches a foul shot in the first quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals at the US Airways Center, in Phoenix, AZ, May 23,2010. . UPI/Art Foxall Photo via Newscom

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You hear this discussion all the time. Someone says “Kobe is better than Jordan!” Someone else says “Jordan is 83,246 times better than Kobe!” But the fact of the matter is, there’s no factual information that proves that one is better than the other. Some people rank a player’s greatness by championships, some rank it by individual statistics. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Continue Reading