The 2011 NBA Three-Point Shootout Contestants: An Examination

The participants for the 2011 NBA Three-Point Shootout have been named, and as usual, the contest is pretty loaded with long distance shooters. You’ve got one of the best pure shooters to ever play the game in Ray Allen. You’ve… Continue Reading

NBA All-Star Game: Why It’s Good Josh Smith Wasn’t Selected

Oh, no, not because he didn’t deserve it. Heavens, no. You see, I, unlike the coaches, apparently, have some notion of common sense. So I’m aware that he should be starting at All-Star Weekend. But the denial of Smith could… Continue Reading

Gerald Wallace Is Trying To “Crash” The All-Sta… I Can’t Do It.

Some of you have approached me lately about whether Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace has a shot at being an All-Star. Here’s my thinking: The five starters for each conference are picked by the fans. The seven reserves are chosen… Continue Reading