Dirk Nowitzki: A Softy We Can Get Behind

There’s such a stigma about softness in the NBA. It’s commonplace to idolize those players who embody toughness, who sweat blood, who play through pain, who seek out contact like Eddy Curry seeks out all-you-can-eat buffets, who fear no opponent.… Continue Reading

Curbing Volatile Tendencies

There is an interesting dichotomy characterizing this year’s MVP race. There’s an assumed winner in Derrick Rose, but there are several worthy candidates. Nobody’s really a clear-cut winner. The reality of it, though, is that all the popular choices are clear-cut… Continue Reading

The MVP, LeBron, and Media Oppression

The MVP race is all but sewn up. Derrick Rose is the apparent beneficiary of the media’s consensus, overcoming concerns he doesn’t merit the award. Without question, Rose is putting together an impressive season by any standards, but there’s a… Continue Reading

Season Recap: Why Predictions are Stupid, and Other Stories

Well folks, as the regular season winds down, I think that now is an appropriate time to look back on the season that was. Actually it’s more like the season that “is,” since the regular season hasn’t actually finished yet.… Continue Reading

Bulls vs Celtics: Playoff Outlook

Image by ARM Climate Research Facility via Flickr

Who’s ready for the playoffs? I’m sure most fans are, and if you are like me, then the playoffs couldn’t start fast enough. I hate this time of year in the NBA. The last three weeks of the season are… Continue Reading

Stay Calm: We Read too Much into the Regular Season

After Miami’s recent woes, and subsequent winning streak, I have come to the conclusion that the regular season does not matter much at all. Think about it. One minute we are all wondering whether or not the Heat should panic… Continue Reading