What a series, huh? This years remarkable NBA Finals capped off with a remarkable Game 6, one watched by 23.5 million people, producing ABC’s best non-Oscar sunday in five years (and the most watched game 6 since Jordan beat the… Continue Reading

Live With Who People Are

The point is, Jerryd’s main competition for minutes is not Steve Blake, it’s Roy and Miller. He has to catch up to one of them in order to increase his playing time significantly. In doing so he also has to… Continue Reading

File>New>New File>New File Name: The LaMarcus Aldridge Exodus- Prologue

2. Greg Oden needs to assume LaMarcus’ traditional role as the guy who gets established offensively early in games and quarters. Oden is a bona fide low post presence who can pass. He gives us a different wrinkle than anybody… Continue Reading

There’s A Red And Black Storm On The Horizon

His confidence soaring, Oden returned to the locker room after the game — and an NBATV interview — to joke on camera that his Ohio State Buckeyes would “smash” either the Beavers or the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. He… Continue Reading