Expectation Series: Part 3 (Most Disappointing Players)

Over the next four days, I’ll be writing on what I call my Expectation Series — a four-part set of rankings for the following: most disappointing teams, most surprising teams, most disappointing players, and most surprising players. So far I’ve reviewed… Continue Reading

The Lakers Are The Best Team In The League For A Reason

Team Payrolls 1. Los Angeles Lakers $91,377,313 2. Dallas Mavericks $87,214,774 3. Utah Jazz $85,111,807 4. Boston Celtics $84,678,579 5. New York Knicks $82,504,966 6. San Antonio Spurs $80,671,324 7. Orlando Magic $80,532,126 8. Cleveland Cavaliers $79,975,195 9. Washington Wizards… Continue Reading