Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast ep. 372: Memphis Grizzlies season preview

File 28-05-2015 8 02 20 pm

In episode 372 of the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast, Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm and CBS Sports joins me to break down the Memphis Grizzlies and their fantasy basketball relevance. Check out the music by Heavy Chevy to end the show, a song called Stepping… Continue Reading


15-footer 1/26: Snow Day, Go Home Early


Two games have been postponed today, but unfortunately, the 76ers game wasn’t one of them. It’s also Mediocrity Monday – time for some power rankings! So take a snow day, go home early, and warm up for some mediocre basketball… Continue Reading

Kevin Durant: No Longer Good At Basketball: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/2/14

Well he had a good run, but it looks like the show’s over for old Kevin Durant. He’s just no longer good at basketball. Now don’t get me wrong, he was fantastic in January, but nothing can last forever. For… Continue Reading

Saving the Skyhook Podcast #2

Last night myself, co-editor Matthew Hochberg and staff writer Mike Wesson got together to record Saving the Skyhook Podcast #2. We talked All-Star Game reserves, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, the Memphis Grizzlies and Carmelo Anthony’s future. Check it out,… Continue Reading