Lion Face, Lemon Face: The Cleveland Cavaliers really did lose to the Brooklyn Nets

Lion Face Lemon Face

Yes, you read that box score correct: the Cavs really did lose to the Nets. Continue Reading


Lion Face, Lemon Face: How I learned to love the Gyro-Step


Giannis Antetokounmpo is on a tear, the Kings should strip their cupboard bare, and a recap of the rest of the weekend in the NBA. Continue Reading

Statiscal Anomaly: Mavericks @ Pistons

Statistical Anomaly is a series where we explore all the mathematical nuances you may not have noticed watching the game the first time. Today, Kyle waxes Euclidian on the Mavericks win over the Pistons.   Jae Crowder matched a career… Continue Reading

Diary of a Thrilled Raptors Fan

The Toronto Raptors acquired Rudy Gay as the centerpiece of a three player deal, a deal which could change the career paths for multiple players. The Pistons get a playmaking veteran in Jose Calderon who should help mold their team… Continue Reading


The NBA’s worst salaries of 2012-13

Thankfully, all the Dwight Howard drama that just ended didn’t heavily involve actual contract talks, but rather the various pieces that made up the final trade puzzle. The contract stuff? Oh that will be next year. Although you just might… Continue Reading