12/14/12 Mail Bag Round Table: MBRTOE, y’all

It’s time for another edition of the Mail Bag Round Table. This is a tradition that goes far back in time, to an age where knights gathered around their round tables and read emails, tweets, and Facebook posts from fans… Continue Reading

Curbing Volatile Tendencies

There is an interesting dichotomy characterizing this year’s MVP race. There’s an assumed winner in Derrick Rose, but there are several worthy candidates. Nobody’s really a clear-cut winner. The reality of it, though, is that all the popular choices are clear-cut… Continue Reading

It’s Not Whether You Can Find the Perfect Stats, It’s How You Use Them to Play the Game

At the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, discussion generally surrounds the quant-friendly nuances of how the statistics of the game can be collected, analyzed and adjusted to provide the closest numerical representation of the truth. What are the limitations of… Continue Reading