Lion Face, Lemon Face: Steph Curry is breaking basketball


Steph Curry is breaking the game as we know it, Sam Mitchell might somehow keep his job, and a recap of the rest of the weekend in the NBA. Continue Reading


The 15-Footer 11/9/2015: The surprising Detroit Pistons take a crack at the Warriors


Previewing tonight’s strange slate of NBA action highlighted by the surprising Pistons taking on the juggernaut Warriors. Continue Reading


This Week in Basketball eBay: Ten item bonanza!


A Dennis Rodman bobblehead, autographed Jimmer Fredette gear, game-worn warm-ups and more — it’s all here in a deluxe edition of Basketball eBay. Continue Reading

Saving the Skyhook Podcast #8

Last night myself and staff writer Sam Kuperman ran the two man game for Saving the Skyhook Podcast #8. We kicked off the show discussing the Raymond Felton drama, then moved on to potential destinations for buyout candidates such as… Continue Reading

Profile Paroxysm: Hasheem Thabeet And Jimmer Fredette: Thabeet Goes On / Just BYU It

  THABEET GOES ON Hasheem Thabeet doesn’t like talking about the past. You can’t blame him. To call the first few phases of his NBA career underwhelming would be a polite understatement. Before signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the… Continue Reading

The Hill You’ll Never Get Over

We’re approaching the 50th anniversary of an historic moment in the NBA, a moment that first made me aware of the game as a young boy. Some 30-odd years ago a school assignment, my first book report, led me to… Continue Reading

Early Reaction: NBA Draft Lottery

After some drama (and by ‘drama’ I mean that I found myself shouting at the television when they announced that the Utah Jazz had a top three pick but then cut to commercial: “Seriously?!? Who do you think you are?… Continue Reading