Lion Face Lemon Face 2/2: The Hawks Won Again. And Again

Lion Face Lemon Face

We’re just hours removed from one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Yes, hopefully you too have all have recovered from that intense Lakers-Knicks game Sunday afternoon to indulge me in recapping the weekend in the NBA. Lion Faces. Lemon Faces. Let’s get to them. Continue Reading


Lion Face Lemon Face 12/29: Jarrett Jack and Jared Dudley are Still Things!

Lion Face Lemon Face

They say the NBA season doesn’t really begin until Christmas so I’m not entirely sure what we’ve been doing with our lives over the last two months, but it’s been fun for about 90% of the NBA’s fan bases so far. Sure, the much heralded 2014 rookie class has been a disappointment early on and injuries continue to take great players away from us, but on the other hand we have an extremely entertaining Western Conference playoff race shaping up and the Easte…well we have an extremely entertaining Western Conference playoff race shaping up. Continue Reading


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, unless of course you consider the show to be the NBA regular season in which case it’s actually ending very soon. Regardless, with the regular season winding down and the… Continue Reading

5-Player Trade Between Hornets and Raptors in the Works?

Some trade rumors coming out this morning, which involves the most surprising team in the Western Conference thus far, the New Orleans Hornets, and the surprisingly not so-bad (OK, they’re 4-9) Toronto Raptors.

You Can Try, But You Will Never Tame the Italian Stallion

from The Score, via friend of the HP family, Holly MacKenzie. My thoughts on this are many: Kobe Bryant will rain on absolutely any parade, including a Valentine’s Day one. Jarrett Jack is fifty different kinds of awesome. Either Bargs… Continue Reading