Diesel Fuel: Would Shaq Work in Boston?

It’s the end of July, and the league’s oldest player, Shaquille O’Neal remains unsigned. Teams like Atlanta, San Antonio, and Miami have all been mentioned as potential suitors, but there’s still no offer on the table. Now, coming toward the… Continue Reading

NBA Finals: Celtics Need To Attack The Lakers Bigs With Rabies

“You should attack their big man like you’re trying to give him rabies.” Earlier in our season (did you forget I coach JV high school basketball?), we faced a team that built their offense and defense around one of the… Continue Reading

As An Added Bonus, He Doesn’t Shove Children

When Glen Davis comes back, Shelden knows he will be a fight for minutes. Doc has actually reversed that and now says that Davis will have to fight for minutes. It should be very interesting to see how it all… Continue Reading