NBA Roundtable: Magic Moves, Brandon Roy, and Heat vs. Lakers

Basketball fans, welcome to another edition of the NBA Roundtable here on Saving the Skyhook! Once again, we have brought in some writers from around the FanSided NBA network to discuss the hot topics around the league, so let’s get right to this week’s introductions and topics! Continue Reading


NBA Game Rankings: 12/19/10

I have no idea how the Miami Heat won that game last night in the nation’s capital, but hey, it goes down as a win. Of course, not many people expected the Wizards to even be in the game since they traded away Gilbert Arenas earlier in the day. But it was a gritty performance by Flip Saunders‘ squad, and adding a scorer like Rashard Lewis should help them. Make it 12 straight for the Heat now, and they are reaching their stride at the right time since they head into Los Angeles on Christmas Day to take on the Lakers. That one could be interesting. Continue Reading


NBA Roundtable: Mavs, Knicks, and Who is the Best PG in the NBA?

NBA fans, welcome to a new weekly feature here on Saving the Skyhook, as we’ve gathered up a couple of writers from around the FanSided NBA network to participate in a discussion on the hot topics around the league. Each week we will invite writers to join us to give their thoughts on certain topics, which allows a variety of opinions on the big happenings in the Association. Continue Reading


Arenas will face no jail time. Seriously?

Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to gun charges and will not have to serve any jail time.

This is outrageous. Just a few minutes after I gave you my NBA Today update, relaying ESPN’s Lester Munson’s prediction that Gilbert Arenas would be faced with incarceration, the results of his sentencing became public. He’ll serve one month in a halfway house.

Are you kidding me? Remember that Arenas’ incident occurred in Washington, D.C., notorious for its draconian gun laws. Remember that prosecutors were aiming for three months in jail and got (Agent) Zero. This oversight in the justice system had nothing to do with the law, and it had nothing to do with what transpired between Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittendon in the Wizards’ locker room. This pathetic sentence was solely a result of the foolish star treatment.

Gilbert Arenas can play basketball. One of the most talented and fearless scorers in the game, he can hit a 25-foot jumpshot or get to the rim whenever he so desires. Gilbert Arenas is also a doofus. His antics, while quite often funny, reflect badly on him, his team, and the NBA.

Nevertheless, he’s incredibly notorious, and most people enjoy seeing him goof off. This popularity in the public eye is what garnered him this slap on the wrist of a sentence. For some reason, judges are unwilling to condemn professional athletes to a long term in jail because of what they’ve done on the court.

Just over a month ago, former NBA player Jayson Williams was sentenced to only five years in jail for fatally shooting a limousine driver. Oh, and he’ll be eligible for parole in a mere year and a half. He killed someone; this is absolutely absurd.

Judges need to rethink the way they deal with professional athletes’ cases. This is, of course, based on a scenario in which there was no foul play. I don’t even want to think about what kind of payoffs there could have been to keep Arenas on the street. But we need to stop letting these guys off. They’re humans with human tendencies just like the rest of us. You can’t cut them a break because they make you spill your beer and popcorn after a hair-raising play to win a playoff game. It’s just despicable.

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