Eric Bledsoe: Rising Sun

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Teams negotiating contract extensions with players facing restricted free agency in the coming summer are working from a position of strength. With the right to match any offer their restricted free agent receives after the season, organizations hold a ubiquitous power over young players throughout such discourse.

In a vacuum, teams assessing whether or not to award a non-maximum extension before the early-season deadline should ask themselves a simple question: Is there a chance this prospective deal comes in below a player's market value this summer? If not, there's just no blanket justification for granting these often-lucrative contracts. Outperform expectations? Franchises will gladly pay the inflated price. Underwhelm? That omnipresent power in free agency remains.


Yes, the Cavs Did Win Last Night

For those of you who enjoyed a night out on the town last night, perhaps you woke up this morning still not at 100%. And perhaps you turned on the TV, and almost fell down when you saw this score scroll across the bottom of your screen: Cavaliers 126, Clippers 119 F/OT.

Maybe you tried to make yourself believe that “F/OT” meant something other than “Final/Overtime.” That’s understandable. After all, the Cavs had lost 26 straight heading into the game.

But now that streak has been put to rest. And we no longer have to worry about a Streak vs. Streak showdown when the Cavs host the Wizards tomorrow afternoon at Quicken Loans Arena. Instead, it’ll just be Streak vs. Please, Don’t Let This Be The Start Of A New Streak. Or something like that. Continue Reading


The Clippers Lose Again, Upcoming Schedule is Brutal

Oct 27, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Staples Center. The Trail Blazers defeated the Clippers 98-88. Photo via Newscom

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OK, I’ll be honest. The Clippers haven’t lost in Indiana just yet. It’s actually just the start of the fourth quarter as I’m writing this, but if you’ve watched the Clippers this season, you know what’s coming (unless you’re a Thunder fan). The other team in Los Angeles is down 80-59 heading into the fourth quarter in Indiana, and with the loss, they’ll move to 1-12 on the season. Unfortunately for Vinny Del Negro‘s squad though, things don’t get much easier from here. Continue Reading