The 2011 NBA Three-Point Shootout Contestants: An Examination

The participants for the 2011 NBA Three-Point Shootout have been named, and as usual, the contest is pretty loaded with long distance shooters. You’ve got one of the best pure shooters to ever play the game in Ray Allen. You’ve got the defending champion in Paul Pierce. And you’ve got the dynamite scorer in Kevin Durant.

There is just great depth to this year’s event, so let’s take a look at the participants:

Ray Allen

It starts with this man. There’s a reason why he’s about to become the best three point shooter in NBA history. When we think about the recent championship teams for the Celtics, Allen might in fact be the fourth name you think of behind Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo in terms of determining the most valuable players on that team. Continue Reading