When it falls down, who you gonna call now?

lucidtech | Flickr Noam and Amin try to break down what’s going on with Miami, where Indiana’s future is taking them, and how teams can be successful over the long haul. Noam: This Heat-Pacers series has been something of a… Continue Reading

The Lakers Are The Best Team In The League For A Reason

Team Payrolls 1. Los Angeles Lakers $91,377,313 2. Dallas Mavericks $87,214,774 3. Utah Jazz $85,111,807 4. Boston Celtics $84,678,579 5. New York Knicks $82,504,966 6. San Antonio Spurs $80,671,324 7. Orlando Magic $80,532,126 8. Cleveland Cavaliers $79,975,195 9. Washington Wizards… Continue Reading

‘Setting the Table’ for Next Labor Negotiations – Off the Dribble Blog – NYTimes.com

With only 11 percent of players from 1998-99 still in the league, history could repeat itself. But Fisher thinks players today are savvier. “I think guys are fairly aware of what’s going on in our country and around the world,”… Continue Reading