Brand New Day

Don’t get all worked up, this post has nothing to do with HP. The last few seasons have felt like we were simply adorning an already established base with additional decorations. Kevin Durant. Derrick Rose. A few re-alignments: Brand goes… Continue Reading

God Sends The Bulls A Flood Warning, A Rowboat, And A Helicopter. They Run Back Inside Their House.

3. Chicago Bulls 85 – Oklahoma City Thunder 98 Date: 1/4/10 CHI at-rim: (24 – 53), 45.3 percent, 29 missed The Bulls missed more shots at the rim than the normal team attempts on any given night. Just stunning. Granted,… Continue Reading

When The Idol Becomes Fodder: The Tyrus Thomas Trade Discussion

Several sources believe the Bulls are agreeable to a package of Thomas and Jerome James for Knicks forward Al Harringtonn. Thus far, Walsh has resisted parting with Harrington, but discussions are still active and the teams have explored different combinations… Continue Reading