Fighting Father Time: Derek Fisher Refuses To Change


We’ve seen players from the 1996 come and go in this league, and while some have arguably had more successful careers, no one’s persistence is quite as surprising as Derek Fisher’s. Continue Reading

NBA Today: March 22

Great news, Warriors fans. Your team’s being sold. Jared Jeffries, a defensive stalwart by even Ben Wallace’s standards (not), seems to think D’Antoni, renowned for not caring about defense, cares about the Knicks defense. LeBron’s thrilled about getting Big Z… Continue Reading

Nobody Makes The Pistons Bleed Their Own Blood! Nobody!

Mike Abdenour, Arnie Kander, a towel, a timeout and some gauze stuffed up his nose finally stopped Villanueva’s bleeding. Then, the forward went to the free-throw line and finally stopped the Pistons’ bleeding.Sure, they snapped a snapped a seven-game losing… Continue Reading