The Formula: Champion’s Edition – The East

Photo: bleacherreport.com

It’s that time. In the NBA, the cream is rising to the top, all teams are settling into the grove of the season, jockeying for the playoffs is heating up, and the hardcourt warriors are strapping on the armor, sharpening the elbow spikes, and calibrating their 3 point shooters, all eyes locked on the playoff battles coming in the months ahead. With 30 games to go, there are hundreds of variables deciding who plays who in the playoffs, and almost every GM will spout the optimistic clap trap if asked about his teams chances at winning some games in the playoffs.

Realistically though, there are a mere handle of contenders; I actually made the case against some teams as legit threats to win it here on this very site, HERE. Enough about those have-nots, because after hours of tortuous clicking, scrolling, scribbling, and drinking fruit punch, the patterns began to emerge, the code is cracked. What does it take to be a champion in the NBA? Is it the high powered offense? Sorry, D’antoni, no. Is it the league’s best player? A smothering defense? Seeing as Lebron James spent 7 years running with a Cleveland Cavaliers squad that stifled fools but won zilch, that’s not the answer. Predicting playoff success is a lot like chumps trying to pull Excalibur out of that stone and freeing Hansel and Gretel; many try, but there CAN ONLY BE ONE (wait, I think that’s not…never mind).

The point is, as nebulous as the championship formula is, by examining some characteristics of past champs, we can pull some cues out of their performances and project which squads have a serious shot at winning it all come June. I’d like to tip my cap to the esteemed Jared Wade, who’s excellent piece on the ongoing MVP race (if you haven’t seen it, check it HERE) sparked my imagination, leading me to this monstrous boondoggle. So here it is, the wanna-be definitive Championship prediction blueprint. Do not be alarmed, my prognostication isn’t some scary magic, it’s just math and facts- shoddy, basic math and muddy, half-hearted facts. When you win wads in Las Vegas based on my unimpeachable logistical maneuvers, I expect a my cut. Continue Reading