Lion Face Lemon Face 04/13/14: Steph Curry Breaks Another Shooting Record


Lions are fierce. They hunt, they kill and they eat raw meat because that's what animals do, apparently. So, naturally, if something gets a lion face, it means they've done something good. Lemons, on the other hand, are the work of the devil. They're bitter, sour and just generally terrible. They don't go with, well, anything, and for that reason, you don't want a lemon face next to something you've done. It's a lowlight of all lowlights.


Kawhi Leonard’s Gradually Ascending Star

via flickr | Mark Runyon

Such lofty preseason expectations for Kawhi Leonard were never fair. The popular assumption that the high-motor, mild-mannered Leonard would usurp Manu Ginobili as the third wheel in the San Antonio machine this season was always naive, a result of kneejerk NBA Finals judgments and the belief that time was finally catching up with the Spurs.