My Sophomore Crush: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Sean Connors | Flickr

The NBA Draft isn't fair.

That's hardly a groundbreaking sentiment. The draft’s very essence comes into question every season once spring finally rolls around, and bad teams skirt the rules by playing their way out of wins and into additional lottery balls. But tanking and all of its hot-button corollaries only examine the entire process through a one-eyed lens: that of the league's teams.


King James Outgrows His Crown

Ariaski (flickr)

LeBron James refuses to let the killer instinct cage him and ruin his relationships with teammates and family. Yes, he wants to win. Yes, he's willing to work hard to make it happen. However, his perspective clearly includes the help, opinion, and existence of others.

That's a distinctly non-royal prerogative by the former King James.