15-Footer, 11/4/13: Let There Be 3s (Because There Are No 4s)


Another great slate of games coming toward your eyeball-holes on this Monday evening. Sixers defend their regular season title. Rockets/Clippers! Ricky Rubio vs. Kyrie Irving (and their respective teams, too)!

...and Celtics/Grizzlies, too. Hooray?


See Anthony Davis, Believe in Anthony Davis

via flickr | Peter Lee

All superstars aren't created equal.

Kobe Bryant isn't Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul not James Harden, and Kevin Durant hardly LeBron James. That's no slight to anyone; these are basketball's true elite. But the specific individual merits of a given player always differ from those of any other, even though they're never alone in their place on the basketball food chain. That's true of all NBA players, but especially pertinent concerning those at the very top of the pyramid.