Dwane Casey and Jeff Hornacek Named Coaches of the Month

Image by Nick Olejniczak via Flickr

The Toronto Raptors’ Dwane Casey and the Phoenix Suns’ Jeff Hornacek were named Eastern and Western Conference Coaches of the Month. They’ve had quite different seasons, but the starting point for the success of both is the same. Continue Reading

Lion Face Lemon Face 01/01/13: The Nuggets Need Michael Jordan’s Secret Nachos


Unless you live 15 million miles away from an NBA arena like I do, last night marked the first games of 2014, which is exciting because, you know, it just is. While there weren’t any blockbuster games going on, there were some upsets, some ridiculous highlights and some drama, per usual, so let’s take a look at it with the first Lion Face/Lemon Face of 2014. Continue Reading

Steezus Flops: Thoughts on the NBA For 1/1/14

Welcome to Thoughts on the NBA, a new daily feature here at Saving the Skyhook. It will be a loosely formatted post featuring my thoughts – too long for tweets but too short for their own post – from the… Continue Reading