Signed, Sealed And Delivered: Taking A Look At Harrison Barnes In The Post


Last season's second round match-up between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs may as well just be referred to as, "The Harrison Barnes Coming Out Party." In those six games, he was a headache for Gregg Popovich. But why, after having a solid-but-unspectacular rookie season, did Barnes explode in those six games?


Lion Face Lemon Face 12/02/13: Paul George Is Good At Basketball


Last night should have been a boring night in the NBA, but it was far from it. We had a team work their way back to .500 for the first time in...ages. We had a triple overtime game, which doesn't happen very often. We had a game-winning jumper from one of the oldest men in the world. We had a huge upset out in Utah. We had a ridiculously fun game between the two best teams in the NBA, which also featured a career night from one of its youngest stars. So yeah, it was kind of awesome.


Presented Without Comment: Ricky Rubio Passes Basketball


The English language harbours an infinite quantity of words, which allow for sentence construction to create an even more boundless mixture of vocabulary, turns of phrase and expression. Ultimately, it is not enough. Some emotions defy description just as some plays defy analysis. The Timberwolves did something tantalizing today, as they've become wont to do, and… well, it didn't precisely defy analysis. Ricky Rubio's dimes exude bewilderment, Dirk Nowitzki was discombobulated but not in a way that's curious and Kevin Love, you see, makes the shots around these here parts.