Stuck In The Warriors’ Elevator: How Klay And Steph Get Open Threes


In 28 games this season, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have combined for 172 threes. Between the two of them, they attempt 15 threes per game, and knock down 6.5. They are also both shooting over 41.5 percent from the perimeter, which is just terrifying. So what I’m trying to say is that you could say – if you really, really want to – that they are living up to their “Splash Brothers” nickname. Continue Reading

Lion Face Lemon Face 12/25/13: The Christmas Games Were…Interesting


When the schedule for this season leaked several months ago, the Christmas Day games looked awesome. A matchup between Derrick Rose’s Bulls and the championship-calibre Brooklyn Nets? Awesome. How about a potential, but unlikely, finals preview between the Thunder and Knicks? Sounds good to me. The Big Three taking on Kobe Bryant? Who says no to that? Continue Reading