Portraits of Empty Minds


Last week I diagnosed at length the mental and mechanical flaws of some of the NBA’s most infamous free throw shots—specifically those of Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, and Dwight Howard. I compared their anxious, twitchy missteps to the smooth, elegant shooting forms of legendary in-game shooter Kyle Korver and legendary out-of-game shooter Tom Amberry (the one-time world record holder for consecutive free throws made, a tally that reaches into the thousands). Continue Reading

Welcome To The Fountain Of Youth, A Place The Spurs Know All Too Well


Nine months ago, the San Antonio Spurs watched confetti fall from the rafters at the American Airlines Arena after the Miami Heat held off their best efforts to secure their second championship in a row. Two nights before that, 19.4 seconds and one rebound was all that separated them from winning their fifth title in the Tim Duncan era. Continue Reading