Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast ep. 431: red hot Curry peppers

File 28-05-2015 8 02 20 pm

In episode 431 of the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast, in association with Basketball Monster, and brought to you by Moneyball, and Skill Doyle, I take a look at all the massive lines from Friday, including Steph Curry‘s Monstrous performance. Intro music… Continue Reading


Black Friday Shopping: NBA Edition

Go get Dwight Howard for Black Friday

It’s Black Friday! Let’s go shopping for some top deals for players and teams around the league! Continue Reading


15-Footer 11/27/2015: The NBA preview that’s better than Black Friday


On Black Friday, the NBA returns with a deep and varied slate of NBA games. Continue Reading


Lion Face, Lemon Face: The Toronto Drakes beat the Cavs

Lion Face Lemon Face

  There were a dozen NBA games on the day before Thanksgiving. Overall, it was a pretty fun night in the Association. Let’s go over the top highlights and box score results from all of the action. There are no… Continue Reading