2014 All-Star Profiles: Dwight Howard


The 80 games Dwight Howard spent under the glowing lights of Tisel Town were a raging disappointment. Here was someone who was supposed to be the next Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; the next Shaquille O’Neal; the next all-time Laker great. He was supposed to lead the men in purple and gold to great things – championship things – alongside Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. Continue Reading


Saving the Skyhook Podcast #4

The other night, I was joined by co-editor Matthew Hochberg and staff writer Sam Kuperman for Saving the Skyhook Podcast #4. We started off the show with a discussion about the “Hack-a-Shaq” strategy that we’ve seen implemented frequently this year… Continue Reading


Where the NBA’s Leading Scorers Score

This is a really cool thing that Matt Walks made. It’s an info graphic that breaks down how the NBA’s leading scorers score. It splits it up into four different areas: free throws, mid-range, three-pointers, and points in the paint.… Continue Reading