July 27, 2021

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In China, it is time for great destruction

Communist China wants to erase the Tiananmen massacre from its history. The people of Hong Kong are sticking to his memory. Since June 4, 1989, the people of Hong Kong have been visiting Victoria Square, the center of their city, every year to commemorate the brutal suppression of democracy in China. Last year, according to event organizers, they numbered 180,000.

But no one went to Victoria Square this year. Beijing sent 7,000 police and soldiers to close it. In China, no one under the age of 40 knew about the Tiananmen Square massacre. The great devastation begun by the Chinese Communist Party continues.

1. What are the precedents?

Destroying difficult facts and ideas is an old habit in China. Towards -200, the first emperor Qin Shi Huang burned all the books that displeased him throughout his kingdom. Between 1966 and 1972, during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, bookstores sold only books by a handful of government-approved authors. Nowadays, libraries and bookstores for Xi Jinping are empty of books he does not like. In some areas, banned books have now been burned.

2. How to erase the memory of companies?

Destroying the memory of the people of Hong Kong has become a national priority. Since the enactment of the National Security Act, many public institutions have trimmed their libraries. The Hong Kong Public Television Station also began removing various documentaries and comedy shows that mocked communist leaders from online archives. In fact, there is nothing scarier than humor to condemn the mistakes of political leaders. Xi Jinping is not known for his sense of humor.

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3. How to erase memory deeply?

But destroying books and archives is not enough. Blocking lessons and information from the Chinese Internet that the Chinese government wants to hide is not enough for oblivion. Memories are firm. Xi Jinping’s Chinese government has launched a new offensive in educational circles. This time, only private schools are affected. 35% of them are children aged 16 and over. In the view of Xi Jinping, they spread a bad Western education. Shi’s solution? From next September, Western textbooks will be banned in schools. All teachers must undergo a 20-hour national security training class. Finally, the boards of directors of educational institutions should consist of members of the Chinese and the Communist Party.

4. How to encourage destruction?

In order to properly motivate the people, Xi Jinping’s government is increasingly firmly opposed to the West in the media – especially on social media. Thus he can discuss people who feel guilty and those who accidentally want to reintroduce history and some facts and some perspectives that are not recognized by his government.

5. Why should memory be erased?

Chinese society is thus sinking into a new state of ambiguity. It does so in the name of maintaining security in China. But in reality, this security aims to keep the Communist Party in power, especially Xi Jinping and his gang at the top of the pyramid. The big devastation affects Hong Kong because memory is Shi’s enemy.